Day or wrap-around care for children from 9 months onwards in a welcoming family environment.

About me

Based in Sedgefield, I have been a registered childminder since 2004, and have dedicated this time to being a professional child carer.

I have formed very close bonds with all my children, some of whom came to me as babies, and received wraparound care into their teens. The children are offered love, consistency, security, attention and plenty of opportunities to play, learn and be themselves.

I am married with two grown up daughters and have lived in Sedgefield since 2003 & prior to being a childminder I was a registered nurse with 13 years' experience.

I have looked after many children over this time, and always look forward to seeing how they have continued to develop after leaving my care.

One of the highlights of my childminding career was achieving Ofsted “Outstanding” status in 2015.

What I can offer your Child...


Learn more about the activities I can offer your Child or Children whilst under my day care.

Melissa Hill, Sedgefield Childminder

Designated playroom

Where children can freely access a large range of toys and activities. The playroom also has a sofa which allows me to sit and read with the children.

Melissa Hill, Sedgefield Childminder


I do enjoy baking with the children and they enjoy making things they can eat and then take home to share with family.

Melissa Hill, Sedgefield Childminder


I have a large garden at the rear where they can run around, play, have picnics and enjoy the freedom of being outside.

Melissa Hill, Sedgefield Childminder


I grow fruit and vegetables and children are given the opportunity to help plant seeds, watch them grow, and then help pick them when they have grown.

Melissa Hill, Sedgefield Childminder


We always enjoy spotting frogs, insects and other wildlife in the garden.

Melissa Hill, Sedgefield Childminder


I have a wide range of interactive toys and toys for learning.

Melissa Hill, Sedgefield Childminder


Older children can also choose to relax in my lounge, where they can also watch the TV, play on the Wii, or play with a selection of games.

Melissa Hill, Sedgefield Childminder


Children enjoy playing with other children of varying ages, building friendships and doing things that they enjoy and make them happy.


Yes I do. Fees are paid in advance from a weekly, monthly or termly basis, cash, cheque or directly into bank accounts also accepted.

Snacks and meals for both preschool and school age children can be provided by myself. I liaise with parents as to likes and dietary requirements, providing a wide range of healthy options.

Yes, I am eligible to offer places to children under this scheme

Prior to commencing any new arrangements I take the time to understand the child’s current routine, likes and dislikes. For pre-school children I usually arrange 2 settling in sessions, over a short time period, so that the child gets to know me in the company of a parent and also on their own. Daily contact with parents is vital to discuss the child’s day and provides reassurance that they are settling in

Yes, school runs to the schools in Sedgefield or the school bus stop.

I look after children during term time and school holidays. I will also offer some flexibility if parents need to change their hours for any reason, depending upon my child ratios.